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    40 year old SAG/AFTRA-Eligible actor and stage director based in Shreveport. I work in both film and theatre, both onstage and as a director.My latest film project is the Charlize Theron thriller DARK PLACES. I direct mostly at the Shreveport Little Theatre. My last play as a director was the play DEAD MAN'S CELL PHONE. My next play as a director will be in January of 2019, BECKY'S NEW CAR.

    As far as my painting, I formerly worked in political folk art, but more recently have switched to Alcohol ink art. I was one of six artists chosen to be given a small studio downstairs at Artspace during the summer of 2018, where I pursued my alcohol ink work.
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    8450 E. Kings Hwy. Apt. J6
    Shreveport, La. 71115
    Self taught

    Works in: Acrylic, Alcohol Ink, Mixed Media, Collage.

    The Cosby Sweater Show January 2005 Prima Tazza

    Peter Pan Shadow Box exhibit July 2004 SRAC
    Blows Against the Empire September 2004 Minicine
    Coolspace Opening exhibit July 2005 Artspace
    MetaMoorephosis May 2012 Minicine
    2018 Artists studios May-August 2018 Artspace



    SAG/AFTRA Eligible
    Dawn Landrum cell 318-426-8674 George Landrum cell 318-415-9031
    California 323-208-3484 Louisiana 318-742-6554 Texas 214-233-1374 Fax 866-757-8786
    712 Milam Street Suite 103  Shreveport, LA 71101


    DAISY DOES DAISY Role of Charles Directed by Taylor Doler
    MINUTES TO MEMORIES Role of Furman Directed by David Nguyen
    DARK PLACES Role of Bob Berdella Directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner
    SKOOKUM Role of T-Bones Directed by Jack Skyyler
    CLOWNS & ROBBERS Role of Hotel Concierge Directed by Evan Falbaum
    THE CAMPAIGN Role of Giant Marty Directed by Jay Roach
    GETTING OUTER SPACE Role of Priest Directed by Evan Falbaum
    PULSE 2 Stand-in Directed by Joel Soisson
    THE MIST Mrs. Carmody's Follower Directed by Frank Darabont


    THE MIRACLE WORKER Role of Anagnos Directed by Mary Joris
    DIVIDING THE ESTATE Role of Son Directed by Robert Darrow
    IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY Role of Matron Directed by Robert Darrow
    BEYOND THERAPY Role of Andrew Directed by Robert Alford
    THE MOUSETRAP Role of Paravicini Directed by John Mitchell
    ONE FLEW/CUCKOO'S NEST Role of Scanlon Directed by Robert Darrow
    THE FOREIGNER Role of Charlie Directed by Robert Darrow
    FORUM Role of Lycus Directed by Ray S. Crawford
    MACBETH Role of Lennox Directed by Stephen Slaughter


    College:Bossier Parish Community College/Louisiana Tech University
    Workshops with: Toni Cobb Brock, Barbara Brinkley, Michael Mckean, Tara Duncil, Ryan Glorioso
    Private Lessons with: Kevin Rahm, Mary Joris, Pamela Captain, Scott Gilbert, Stephen Slaughter

    Bravo! award winner Best Actor for " The Foreigner " Shreveport Little
    Bravo! award winner Best Featured Actor for " Caught in the Net " Shreveport Little
    Memory Award nominee Best Actor for " The Foreigner " Shreveport Little
    Memory Award nominee Best Supporting Actor for "Caught in the Net " Shreveport Little


    Singing voice: Baritone
    Specializes in character roles
    Comfortable with strong language/violence/simulated sex/nudity
    Upper front three teeth are removable if wanted for a role




    John F. Daniel
    8450 E. Kings Hwy. Apt. J6
    Shreveport, La. 71115
    Bossier Parish Community College
    La. Tech Univ.
    WHAT I DID LAST SUMMER-Utopia Players- Shreveport Little Theatre-July 1996.
    THE REAL QUEEN OF HEARTS AIN'T EVEN PRETTY-Utopia Players- Shreveport Little Theatre-July 1997.
    TONE CLUSTERS- Louisiana Tech University-May 1998.
    TINA HOWE'S MUSEUM- Artspace-July 2005.
    COLLECTED STORIES- L.S.U.S.-February 2009.
    KINDERTRANSPORT- L.S.U.S.-March 2010.
    DEAD MAN'S CELL PHONE- Shreveport Little Theatre-2018.

    SAG eligible actor
    Founder-Utopia Players youth theatre group-Shreveport Little Theatre-1996-1997.
    Specializes in contemporary works with strong characters
    Methods used when directing: Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, Lee Strasberg, Tadashi Suzuki
    Article about my work in the Shreveport Times:
    Painter's work too political for some

    March 25, 2005 The Times, Shreveport Louisiana
    By Jennifer Flowers

    John F. Daniel has had a time trying to get locals to stomach his paintings.

    The artist, 27, fell into political-themed work after his 2004 debut at a screening of protest films by minicine, an underground film group, with a painting on the Vietnam war.

    Since then, he can list a couple of places where he's had to remove his work because of its subject matter, including 516 Soundstage and, most recently, on his March 14 opening day at the Prima Tazza coffee shop.

    Daniel, who also paints abstract acrylic and mixed media works, says he usually isn't taking sides. Rather, he tries to bring political issues to the fore while leaving them open to interpretation with political symbols, including Confederate flags and Kerry/Edwards presidential campaign posters. He also recently made a work about Sept. 11 where he attempted to convey the confusion of a day that became a national tragedy.

    A local thespian for more than a decade now, Daniel most recently acted in the East Bank Theatre's "The Mousetrap," and played the lead in the Shreveport Little Theatre's fall production of "The Foreigner." He grew up in Blanchard and teaches drama part time at the Renzi Center.

    QUESTION: What's the appeal of theater?

    ANSWER: Theater is my backbone. I was always a shy kid in school and theater really gave me a way to express myself and get away from myself for a while. It's just really fun playing other people. As far as directing goes, I've always enjoyed that because it gives you a chance to get your feet wet in a little bit of everything.

    Q: What's your art style?

    A: I consider it sort of primitive, sort of folk art almost. I don't really color within the lines. I don't mind it looking a little rough. I think the actual artist term is nonrepresentational. Abstract art is taking something that's real and abstracting it, so nonrepresentational art is just colors and shapes and forms that don't really mean anything specific.

    Q: How does self-expression in theater compare to painting?

    A: It's easier to express myself with visual art than it is with theater. Theater is really more of a collaborative thing because even if I was doing a one-man show, I would have a director and a lighting designer and it takes all these different people to put something together. My art is deeper and more personal because it's really just me.

    Q: What's your take when someone's offended by your work?

    A: I think it's what made me stay more involved in my art. That (Vietnam war) piece was actually the first time I had a piece at a show anywhere, so that was my debut. I had all these people that really loved it and I had someone who was really affected by it. I think that's what kept me interested in pursuing this, ironically. When someone compliments you, you never really know when they're being sincere. When someone insults you, you know they really mean it.

    Q: Why do you like using political themes in your work?

    A: One thing I really love about making those pieces is I can make them and leave them up in the air for other people's interpretation. I make the art but I don't necessarily have to be for either side. I like to leave them in that sort of vague gray area. I think it makes it more of an even playing field because both sides can get something out of it. I'm commenting but I'm not taking either side.

    Q: How has theater influenced your painting?

    A: I think theater has allowed me to be more of an emotional person. It's showed me ways to express myself that I didn't know before. So I can play an angry villain on stage and go home and sort of let go of the motion or any tension that went on with that on canvas.

    Q: What are your long-term goals as an artist?

    A: As far as theater, I really want to become more of a local director. I want to get a small company together. I think there's a real need for more sort of avant-garde theaters here. We really don't have a niche for that here. I think with the new artspace there will be more opportunities for that. As far as art goes, I'm sort of leaving that up in the air because I do that for me and I won't be offended if it doesn't go anywhere. If it ends today, it ends today. I just want to keep making things that are important to me. "


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