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    i paint and create assemblage pieces that deal with my relationship with society. i think we live in a very interesting time period with the introduction to mass communications, digital information and the social media. my recent work deals with the combination of logos and icons of the internet and the 'selfie.' i paint myself from my own images taken from instagram and facebook. i use an expressionist approach because i believe in trying to capture the emotional from each piece. we, as a society, also have a developed a short attention span for looking at images. the art is full of words, numbers, logos, images, bones, toy guns, and the color of plastic because that is what i'm surrounded and familiar with in my everyday life. art is the reflection of society, and this is my world.
  • Resume

    Visual Arts instructor at LSMSA teaching printmaking, ceramics, drawing/painting 2009- 2016
    Adjunct instructor of fine arts at Bossier Parish Community College 2010- 2016

    M.A. from Northwestern State University with a concentration in studio art in 2009
    B.A. from Northwestern State University 2007

    2016 'Candy Apocalypse' The Big Gallery in Monroe, La
    2016 'Selfie's: From Digital to Physical' Artspace Shreveport, La.
    2016 Critical Mass Group Show Artspace Shreveport, La.
    2015 Candy Coated Perspective at the Donna Meeks Gallery @BPCC in Bossier, LA
    2015 Critical Mass Show at Artspace, Shreveport, LA
    2014 Candy Coated Perspective at River Oaks Art Square in Alexandria, LA
    2014 Surreal Salon Show at the Baton Rouge Contemporary Museum
    2014 Critical Mass Show at Artspace, Shreveport, LA
    2013 Friends and Faculty Show at the Alexandria Museum of Art
    2013 "Interstellar Relations" at artspace, Shreveport, LA
    2013 Contemporary Art Guild Bank Show in Alexandria, LA
    2013 Guitar Donation Project with the Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, LA
    2013 NWLA Artist Directory Show with Artspace, Shreveport, LA
    2012 "Catacylsm' with Bossier Parish Arts Council, Bossier City, LA
    2012 "Cataclysm'  Solo show at Gallery 111 Leesville, LA
    2011 On The Shoulder of Giants at Artspace, Shreveport, LA
    2011 Juried Show for Gallery 111, Leesville, La. 
    2010/ 2009 "Faculty Art Show of NSU and LSMSA"  Hanchey Gallery at NSU.
    2009 “Collection of Perception”  February 16 - 28, 2009 at NSU.
    2008 “Shadow Play”  November 1- 8, 2008 Installation in Gallery 2 at NSU. 
    2008 Summer Solo exhibition at Stokes/ Harris Gallery River Oaks Arts Center,
    Alexandria, Louisiana. 
    2008 “Color/Craft Collaboration Installation” May 2008 in Gallery 2 at NSU.
    2007 “Static in the Dark”  February 19- March 2, Installation in Gallery 2, NSU.
    2006 “Contains Sharp Edges”  Senior Art Exhibit, November 27- December 1, NSU.

    2013 Tom Peyton Memorial Festival, Alexandria, LA Merit Award
    2012 Natchitoches Art Guild, Natchitoches, LA Merit Award
    2011 1st place for mixed media. Juried Show for Gallery 111, Leesville, La. 
    2011 "Cold Drink Printmaking Show" Du Mois Gallery, New Orleans Louisiana.
    2010 "1st Annual Call to Artists" Gallery 111, Leesville, Louisiana.
    2010 "Natchitoches Art Guild Call to Artists" Natchitoches, Louisiana. 
    2009 2nd Place “Argus,” Student Literary Magazine 2008, Northwestern State University,
    2009 Student Art Show 2009, Oriville J. Hanchey Gallery, Northwestern State
    University, Natchitoches, LA
    2008 1st and 2nd Place “Argus,”  Student Literary Magazine @NSU
    2008 1st Place Student Art Show 2008, Oriville J. Hanchey Gallery,
    Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA


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