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    I create my paintings from feelings I get from my surrounding enviroment, where ever that may be. My influence has primarily been northwest and south Louisiana, but I have created other work from travels. My artwork also comes from old photographs, many from my grandmother's childhood, and I have translated those images into paintings, capturing history and a generation different than mine. I enjoy the historical value of the old photographs, and find those images invaluable! I enjoy capturing and exhibiting my family history in a painting! I have painted with watercolors, some with pen and inks, oils on canvas, and have also painted in acrylic, but I tend to save this medium for wood. I like using wood boards or pieces of wood as a canvas for acrylics!  In all my artwork, I use colors to capture a mood or feeling. I love the energy and moods that colors convey. I just enjoy viewing colors in nature! Just looking at the colors captured on the surface of water is exciting, and I encorporate that colorful magic in my art. With my oil paintings, I also add texture, as that medium is particularly wonderful in allowing the creation of textures as well as color. I am influenced by many artists, but in particular, I love the works of Vincent Van Gogh, Clementine Hunter, and James Michalopoulos, just to name a few. I think it is important to get to a certain artistic flow while painting. In other words, when I'm painting, time no longer matters, but getting lost in the moment and getting into your art is of utmost priority. I have to paint from my right brain, leaving all logic and reason behind. My best art has come from this place. Too much analysis while painting is dangerous to the creation of a piece of art. It destroys what your right brain intends to do. You have to lose yourself, your thoughts, your analysis, criticism, and just get in the flow! Listening to music while I paint is one technique I use to get out of my head (or left brain) and into my painting!
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    I grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana in an artistic atmosphere, with both of my parents being painters and having art degrees. As a child, we had an art studio in our home with tall easels and plenty of art supplies to work with. My brother and I even had our own child's size easel! This environment of an art studio and a library with art books and artist biographies was the primary force that influenced my hunger to create and become an artist. I remember reading a book about Paul Klee and enjoying his artwork. My favorite classes in school, from elementary to high school, were art classes, of course! I always looked forward to my art classes, and would have preferred that they lasted longer than one hour, but I felt right at home in those classes! I naturally should have gone right into an art major in college, but unfortunately, that did not occur due to my rebellious nature at the time! I moved to New Orleans in 1994, and lived there for ten years. I continued to create, whether it was painting, mosaics, designing jewelry, and making costumes for Mardi Gras. I am primarily self-taught, but have studied painting at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, and exhibited my work there in group shows. I particularly enjoyed the culture, architecture, and flavors of New Orleans, which is a great influence on my work. I moved back to Shreveport in 2004, and rediscovered northwest Louisiana's culture and flavor, which has been a great influence on my work. For a while, I primarily concentrated on my tropical jewelry designs, having exhibited my jewelry at the Red River Revel for four years straight, and enjoyed exhibiting my jewelry in several other festivals. Recently, my creativity has been heavily focused on painting, and lately, I have primarily concentrated on watercolors (some with pen and ink) and oils, and have been exhibiting my art, along with my jewelry, in local festivals. In 2010, my work was exhibited at the Triennial Art exhibition at the Meadows Museum, Shreveport, LA. In 2011, I exhibited my work in another group show, the Impromptu Exhibition, at Artspace in Shreveport. My work has been exhibited at Artspace, the Little Shanty Folk Art Gallery, and Smith Mason Legacies Gallery, all in Shreveport. Presently, my work can be bought at the Shreveport Trading Company Antique store at 205 East Kings Highway. On-line, my work can be viewed at       

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