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    *Her work includes performances with individual and tandem telling as well as delivery of workshops on such topics as family memories, integrating story into the curriculum, writing stories “Great Story! Write On!” and helping students learn to tell stories.
    * She was Co-Owner served on the board of the Cracker Storytelling Festival, as Director and Secretary.
    * She was a board member on the National Organizers of Festivals.
    * She was the Florida Liaison to National Storytellers Association
    * She was Administrator of the Florida Storytelling Association.
    * She served as board member of "Interpretive Voices", a national organization of storytellers who perform for our national and state parks, museums, libraries and schools interpreting and teaching through storytelling.
    * She gives teachers’ training through storytelling , by using workshops and providing information and instructions of arts integration to students in the classroom.
    Recognized by: ARTIST ROSTERS PAST and PRESENT:
    * AIE Artist -Residence Artists-in-Schools Broward County
    * Cultural Affairs, Directory of Artists, Broward County Flroida
    * Artist-in-Schools, Greater Columbus Arts Council, Columbus, Ohio
    * Broward County Artists in Schools, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    * Chosen one of 17 artist to study at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Educational Department, Washington DC, "Artists as Educators": Planning Effective Workshops for Teachers and Students.
    * John F. Kennedy Center workshops “Artist as Educators (Atlanta, Ft Lauderdale, Lafayette Louisiana and BatonRouge
    * Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, FL
    * Florida Division of Cultural Affairs Artists-in-Residence
    * Florida Touring Roster
    *Hillsborough County Artists in Schools, Tampa, FL
    * ICI is an initiative of Louisiana Division of the Arts Office of Cultural Development, Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism and KID SMART
    * Louisiana Prime Time LEH
    * Louisiana Library Roster
    * Louisiana State Artist Roster
    * SRAC- Shreveport Regional Art Council Louisiana NW Juried Artist
    * The Company Repertory Theatre: Theatre Eclectic Offerings for
    Public Venues, Bossier City, LA.
  • Resume

    Myra believes Stories are magic. The technical definition of storytelling is that it is an oral art form that provides a means of preserving and transmitting ideas, images, motives, and emotions that are universal. Myra’s residencies are appropriate and advantageous for all children. ADD (attention deficit disorder) children are exceedingly successful in attending to stories and telling them well. Stories are an integral part of our lives. The oral tradition has been an essential ingredient for the preservation of history, traditions, values, and beliefs down through the ages. With the current media bombardment through radio, TV, and cinema of sensational coverage around the world, family and traditional stories are being lost.
    Nationally known storyteller Myra Davis’ belief is that storytellers have the unique and enviable position of teaching writing workshops and providing the stuff of dreams and hope and belief that there might very well be a "happily ever after."
    Myra’s main commitment to "Storytelling" and Story is to help Perpetuate the "Art of Storytelling". She wants to share the joy of story with children and adults alike and work with businesses, libraries, teachers, parks and administrators to help bring about a better understanding of how to integrate story into all aspects of life. She wants to use story to teach universal ethical values, encourage understanding and acceptance of other cultures, and promote environmental awareness. Myra has been a teaching artist since 1993 where she has led many successful and creative writing residencies with elementary through senor high. Myra has produced her Oral Interpretation Writing Workshop for”Art Break” sponsored by Shreveport Regional Arts Council since 2004.
    Myra is a dedicated professional who has worked with and taught children compassionately caring for them and their education. Myra believes stories enrich our minds, raise our consciousness and indulge our imaginations. Through stories and workshops Myra gives children a window into a brighter tomorrow. Stories and Workshops provide models of perseverance in the face of mighty obstacles; of underdogs who overcome overwhelming odds; and of the weak who can indeed inherit the earth. It is Myra’s plan to ensure that the children who need it most are receiving it. If we can’t imagine, we can’t even know what that potential might be.


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