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Carlos McDaniel

Carlos McDaniel

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    We are created in the image of God. Therefore, we are programmed with the "creative spark" that drives us to emulate our creator: we are compelled to leave our mark on the world around us, to shape it and mold it to suit our vision, or simply to record what we see in order to say, "it is good." As an artist, I follow a long line of visionaries who once placed their hands upon the living rock of a cave, chewed up pigment and spewed it out over the hand, leaving its outline to proclaim through the centuries, "I am here." My forebears were also those who solemnly picked up a sharpened stone or a burnt stick and began to draw animals on the wall or ceiling; either calling into existence what was unseen but hoped for, or calling down the spirits of the beasts as totems for themselves and their people. I also belong to the lineage of the philosopher who strives to capture the accurate image in order to describe and explain reality to others, or simply understand it for himself.
  • Resume

    BFA, Graphic Design; La Tech, 1988Caddo Magnet High School; Art, Art History (A.P.), and Pottery; 1994-1998
    Werner Park Elementary, Art; 1998-1999
    Woodlawn Leadership Academy; 2008-2014
    C. E. Byrd High School, Art; 2014-present. Working in:
    Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Pencil and Ink.

    pencil, chalk, charcoal, pen and ink,
    mixed media,
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