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    I am a Louisiana Regionalist, from Mooringsport, LA. I recently graduated from Northwestern State University of Louisiana, where I studied under Clyde Downs and Brooks Defee..  I work in acrylic, oil, watercolor, pencil, pen, print and pastels with a focus on landscape, though I do like to draw a pretty face when I have an appropriate model.  I am in love with the vibrant natural colors Louisiana reflects in it's landscapes and culture.  I want to share the positive energy the people and places of our state has generated for me and the best way I can facilitate this is through art.  Many of my works were commissioned, and though the temperament of each is mine, my patrons were integral in much of the creative process.  The features I chose to include were picked from their recollections and memories; often the colors reflect their homes and decoration schemes.  Those i worked on for myself tend to be bolder; I have a thing for primary colors!
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