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    My music is a constant progression of my experiences in the world.  I am very eager to try new things.  I am passionate about exploring music (and life) and strive to leave no stone unturned sonically (and visually through performance art, live shows, music video, etc).  I write/compose, produce, mix, and record cross-genre.Although my work is primarily musical in nature (strongly influenced by pop as well as extreme avant-garde), I have always incorporated performance art during my live act and music videos.  My background, besides music, is also in theatre, film, sound art and fine arts.  It is imperative for me to create a visual aesthetic that compliments the soundtrack through costume, fashion, visual art, film, etc.The bulk of my output so far has been in electronic music (2006-current), but I have also released acoustic music inspired by the cultures of Haiti, France, and Louisiana (among others).  This music and sound art is meant to be an impression and appropriation of those respected elements and not necessarily an attempt to recreate the music of those cultures.  Their cultural cues provide a recipe for me to start with, but I add my own flavors.Another trend in my career has been my work in ambient music and sound art.  Although I have had some ambient works on my albums, since 2009 I have actively worked in this area.  I was commissioned to perform sound art at the 2009 and 2011 MSPS New Music Festival opening for Phantom Orchard (Zeena Parkins and Ikue Mori) and Tim Hecker, as well as appearing live on KTBS-3 News performing a select piece to publicize the festival.  I have also been commissioned by The Meadows Museum at Centenary College in Shreveport, LA to perform ambient works for art openings.  Some of the sounds on my album Labalenn’s Lullabies incorporate these works as will my upcoming material.  I have recently been taught how to make contact mics and plan on finding creative ways to mix sound art with electronic pop and acoustic cross-cultural music.Since 2011 I have been producing, directing, and actively creating music videos to go with certain songs.  My music video for Raw Vegan Wedding Cake has been submitted to minicine?’s X-mas Under Da Ground.Since 2012 I have performed shows outside of Shreveport and Bossier City.  I have done two shows in Bradenton, FL and made my live debut in Austin, TX.  It is my intention to continue performing in as many different places as possible.InfluencesBjörk, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Enigma, Enya, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Tangerine Dream, Yoko Ono
  • Resume

    2013 - An Evening With Ian Quiet (BAC Gallery Fine Art Center)
            Mother Earther (Full length album of music/ performance art)
            Mardi Gras (Digital Single/Live Music Video)
            The Spotted Mermaid Part 3 (Live Music Video)
            Lasiren (Live Music Video)
    2012 - Labalenn's Lullabies (album)
            Raw Vegan Wedding Cake (EP/music video)
            Performance/Video Shoot, Bernadette's Bar, Austin
            minicine?'s Xmas Under da Ground (live performance)
            ArtSpace live sound art collaboration with Chris Alexander and co.
            Coconut Donut Part 2 (music video)
            Bradenton Art Walk (2 live performances, Tampa, FL)
    2011 - MSPS New Music Festival
            Like A Vegan (album)
            Bodyguards (music video)
            Gyrate (music video)
            Pumpkin Patch (music video)
    2010 - Pu Pu Platter (album)
    2009 - MSPS New Music Festival
            Ian Quiet Says…Save the Spotted Mermaid (album)
    2007 - Dancing God (album)
    2006 - Vulcan's Prayer (album)
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