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    I am a Shreveport native returning after living in many places in the US and abroad. After a hiatus from the airline industry as a flight attendant i landed in Shreveport.

    During the 70's I was part of an Expansion Arts Project funded by NEA. Through this program I delved into every aspect of fiber construction and deconstruction through weaving, spinning, natural dyeing, and sewing. I went on to create Raku pottery incorporating fiber in many of my clay pieces. Batik, bookbinding, and basketry are all skills I acquired during this project. This experience began my exploration into painting and drawing. I went on to get a degree in architectural design from University of Florida, Gainesville, FL and Vicenza Institute of Architecturra, Vicenza, Italy.

    As a fiber artist with an architectural background I view the world in textured and deconstructed layers. Each layer builds upon the last giving the viewer a glimpse into the meaning of how life and art intersect making the world a more beautiful place. In the past I have used recycled materials to create art.  I worked on a series of rugs woven from sock loops (the trimmings from socks).  Using recycled materials and items found in nature to create art pieces is exhilarating and nurtures my creative spirit. One of my woven pieces (made from grapevine and Spanish moss) is part of a traveling exhibit in Florida called "Continuity & Change."

    Over the past year I have been exploring felting and all its many facets. The magic of combining fibers that create such incredible depth and beauty is a form of alchemy. Most recently I discovered Eco-Printing, a process that takes flora to another level creating one of a kind prints. My journey in fiber has taken me down many paths never knowing what is around the next bend.
  • Resume

    Marlene Yu Museum, Micro/Macro Exhibition, juried show, 2018
    R.W. Norton Gallery, "Bloom" juried show, 2018
    Critical Mass 6, 2018
    Nick Cave Frame Project, 2017-2018
    Presents, Artspace, 2017
    Andrew Edlin Gallery, Et Tu, Brute Art? NYC, 2017
    NCAP Outreach art instructor at Noel Community Arts, 2017-2018
    Private Art lessons at Noel Community Arts, 2017-2018
    Fiona Duthie, Fiber Artist, 6 week on-line Surface Exploration in Felting, 2017
    Donna Service Gallery Fiber Show, BPCC, 2017
    ArtSpace Studio Artist, 2017
    Nicola Brown, Fiber Artist, 6 week on-line Eco-Printing Exploration, 2017
    Nick Cave Resident Artist 2015-2016
    Christmas in the Sky - Designer, 2016
    Bloom - juried show at the Norton Gallery, 2016
    Critical Mass Show, 2014-2017
    ArtBreak Artist - 2014-2018
    Field trip Artist at ArtSpace - for numerous classes
    Set designer/constructor for several productions with Red River Repertoire
    Highland Table Art on the Walls, 2016
    Turner Gallery - HOSTS Exhibition, 2016
    Highland Jazz Festival, 2016
    HOSTS (Highland Open Studio Tour Sunday) Artist, 2014-2018
    Providence House and McAdoo Center Artist with Karen LeBeau, 2016
    Shreveport ArtWalk Artist, 2016-2018
    Roseland Christmas Market Artist, 2016

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