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Dorothy Kristin Hanna

Dorothy Kristin Hanna

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    I create, because creation lives inside me. I love still and moving pictures. Digital Paintings, Oil Paintings, Films, all come from an innate desire to create a sensation for healing body and mind. Narratives that coalesce a vibration in the realm of time. All are a form of improvisational explorations that elicit poetic images that allow people on the earth, to become more self aware of the chatter that goes on in their mind. All that I do is for the highest good of the earth. To spark creativity in another human being through colorful ideas, is to get them closer to their soul. My dream for the world, is to change the interconnections between all people and bring them closer to their inner truth. i believe an art creation can change a life forever.
  • Resume

    Dorothy Kristin Hanna Vita
    June, 2013

    1979 Louisiana Tech University-BFA Painting; Minor: Choreography
    Birth until now Studies in Understanding the “ Truth in Movement”

    Honors, Awards and Publications
    DFAD created directly from a dream
    PAC Performing Arts Center
    RRR Red River Revel Arts Festival
    TBBT The Black Box Theatre
    TST The Strand Theater
    DSN Downtown Saturday Night
    SRAC Shreveport Regional Arts Council

    2019 Film "Ensconced" A monologue that was created for a friend, Salena Davis/ did not enter anywhere
    2018 A series of four oil paintings accepted into the Alexandria Museum of Art
    2018 "STUCK"/ accepted into International Film Festival/ Cinema on the Bayou
    2018 A trio show with oil paintings at Louisiana State Museum
    2017 Lucy Anna/ accepted into the AVIFF Cannes Catalogue
    2016 Lucy Anna/ showed in International Film Festival/ Cinema on the Bayou
    2016 Awarded Multi-Disciplinary Fellowship. SRAC
    2016 Created NEW, Narrative Short Indie Pop Film; LUCY ANNA (DFAD)
    2016 Rendez-vous/ accepted into the AVIFF Cannes Catalogue
    2016 Book of Skins/ 29 minute film/ in International Festival/ Cinema on the Bayou
    2015 Commissioned to Paint 16 Paintings for the LSU Medical Center in New Orleans
    2015 Rendez-Vous/ Short Film/ showed in International Festival/ Cinema on the Bayou
    2014 Rendez-Vous/ Short Film/ in Top 20/ LAFilm Prize
    2013 Hummingbird/ Short Film/ in Top 20/ LAFilm Prize
    2012 Created Short Film, “BEING” #facebook #Arodasi Films/ Facebook
    2011 Premiered Experimental Art Film at Robinson Film Center; "Love on the Links" written by Mary Frances Morgan, 1936
    2010 Awarded a Project Assistance Grant of $1000 for an experimental art movie titled, "Love on the Links" story by my grandmother, Mary Frances Morgan
    2010 Accepted into SRAC Artbreak. Performance and solo painting show in Art Space
    2009 Arodasi received registered trademark, Arodasi®
    2006 Awarded Dance Artist Fellowship. SRAC
    2005 Acceptance into juried show, “Choreographers Showcase.” Louisiana Dance Festival'
    2004 Awarded SRAC Multi-Discipline Artist Regional Fellowship
    2004 Guest Speaker, Texarkana College, Healing through Movement 250 people
    2003 Parkinson’s Newsletter/ Article on the healing arts/ published
    2003 Asked to dance/ presenting solo/ SRAC’s MultiDisciplinary Project March 8th
    2003 Present and Teach “How Movement Heals” Holistic Network Conference
    2001 Served on “Pain Panel.” Feldenkrais National Conference. San Francisco,
    2000 Recipient of SRAC decentralized grant to educate public on "Life of Isadora Duncan" through performance at PAC. Titled, “Isadora’s Story”
    1998 Recipient, Decentralized Grant, to present “My View of Isadora Duncan,” work in progress with A Visual Sound and Movement Company.
    1998 Awarded SRAC Multi-Discipline Artist Regional Fellowship. June.
    1998 Accepted to study with International Touring Group from NYC (offer declined)
    1997 Received SRAC grant for collaborative installation on Texas Street
    1997 Juried into “Multi-Discipline Panel”—(SRAC)
    1997 Received grant from SRAC to produce script for “Burnt” (DFAD)
    1997 Invited by SRAC to perform at Downtown Saturday Night’s Art Festival
    1996-2000 Performed original work at Performing Arts Laboratory in San Diego
    1995 Solo accepted at TST for local Dance Spectrum—“Rejection”
    1994 Solo accepted at the National Performance Network in New Orleans
    1993 Awarded RAP Grant from CAC to produce my dream through video,
    titled “Dorothy’s Fourth Neon Dream”
    1992 Accepted to perform with Marion Soto’s Company from NY at CAC; Miami
    1990 Accepted to Louisiana Roster for Dance Artists
    1990 Honorable mention for “Waiting”; Video shorts contest in New Orleans
    1989- present Acceptance of 5 videos to be aired in New Orleans on Cox’s Cable
    1989 Louisiana Video Shorts Festival; honorable mention, “Palette”Community Activities
    2oo8 to 2011 Teaching Arodasi® Dance, Children's Dance and Movement Therapy Yoga and Painting. Renzy Ed. and Art Center
    2006 to 2009 Educational Inservice's For L.S.U's Occupational Therapy Class, Shreveport Symphony and Fibromyalgia Groups on the Feldenkrais Method®
    2005 to 2009 Open House for Art Sharing and Meditation; Woman's Week, YWCA
    2005 Inservice, Centenary College for Painting, Sculpture and printmaking students—“Connecting to the self, to understand oneís personal form of expression”
    2005 Yoga, Art and Healing Inservice; Mt. Zionís Woman’s Conference
    2004 Inservice for a group of Phsycologists, titled, “How does Movement Heal?”
    2003 YWCA- Woman's Week- free classes, Yoga and Cardio-Expressive Dance
    2002 “How Movement and Art Heal. Hospital Inservices (2)
    2001 “The Spine’s Abilities in a Sitting Position.” Workshop for orthopedic transcriptionists.
    2001 “Soft Sculpture.” New work presented at Tower Gallery.
    2000 Performed "Enclosed in a Kiss." Solo for Unitarian Church fundraiser.
    1999 Taught for "Mind, Body, and Spirit" seminar. River City Dance Foundation
    1999 Taught Feldenkrais for National Fitness Day. Schumpert Medical Center.
    1999 Presented free workshop on hand and wrist problems. Women's Week.
    1998 Oriented area dancers into Feldenkrais. Mind/Body Workshop (one day)
    1998 Held “Fibromyalgia & Feldenkrais” support group for six weeks.
    1997-98 In service / Feldenkrais Method/ stress management/ Schumpert
    1997 Performed for Women’s Week, original solo works on the soul
    1997 Performed 3 solos, Live Oak Retirement Center
    1996 In service for Pulmonary and Kids Clinic at Schumpert Medical Center/ Feldenkrais
    In service at LSU Hospital on the Feldenkrais Method
    Presentation at “Mind, Body and Spirit” / Feldenkrais Method for YWCA Women’s Week
    1995 In service at Schumpert Hospital/ City Book Store/ Lagniappe Hospital, /
    Parkinson’s support group/ Caddo Exceptional on the Feldenkrais Method
    1995 Member of visual artists panel meetings—SRAC
    1993 changed company’s name “A Visual Sound and Movement Company”
    1991-1992 Co-chaired dance panel meeting—SRAC/ Served as Artbreak Dance Teacher
    1989-1995 Member of dance panel meetings
    1982- 1993 Founder “A Theatrical Sound and Movement Co.” directly from a dreamLife’s Work
    2011 Premiered Experimental Art Film at Robinson Film Center; The Glen Retirement Village and Live Oaks Retirement; "Love on the Links" written by Mary Frances Morgan, 1936
    2010 "Christmas in the Sky's Beatlemania" 6 dancers
    2010 "The Beautiful Beatle Garden" 7 dancers, 83 minutes. Beatles Music, ONLY, 3 shows at ARTSPACE
    "Whispering Turmoil" Duet. 33 minutes
    2009 Intense Class Studies of Environmental Responses through Dance
    2008 Butoh Influenced Performance/ Arodasi Healing Center/ Dance Therapy Students
    2008 "Found Cities" a one hour exploration with live piano and Arodasi Dancers
    2007 "Lost Cities" 83 minute piano improvisation. With Arodasi Dance
    2006 "Moving Art"/ Neil Young/ 2 hr, 9 dancers Arodasi Dance Performance, Improvisation
    2005 “4 corners” solo; Louisiana Dance Festival, juried, “Choreographers Showcase” Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    2005 ”Intoxication” 6 Arodasi Dancers and with guest artist Sondra Fraleigh (strong Butoh Influence Dance Piece) DFAD
    2005 “Offenbach Cello Duets” an hour of duets for YWCA Woman’s Week
    2004 “Wendy’s Whirled”/ feminist view of Peter Pan/ 6 performances; SRAC
    2004 “Isadora’s Circle Dance” 6 dancers
    2004 "Arodasi Butoh Dreams" A Visual Sound & Movement Studio with 9 dancers
    2004 "(In)Appropriate Responses" A Visual Sound & Movement Studio with 9 dancers
    2003 "Metaphor for Mind" A Visual Sound & Movement Studio with 7 dancers
    2003 "Rushed In(n)(t)eractions" A Visual Sound & Movement Studio with 9 dancers
    2002 “Christmas in the Sky” SRAC- performance/improvisation
    2002 “Twilight” Improvisational Scores- “relating to healing from Sept 11, 9 dancers; 2 performances; SRAC\ AVS&MCO;/ solo musicians with solo dancers
    2001 “Dorothy Sings.” Solo short video presented in conjunction with Minicine.
    2001 “Dorothy Mows” Solo short video presented in conjunction with Minicine
    2000 “Isadora’s” works performed at 4 DSN.
    2000 “Isadora’s Story.” Presented life story of Isadora Duncan/ PAC.
    2000 Works in Progress:"the Human Body." 20 performers.
    1999 Works In Progress: "the Kiss." 12 performers. Multi-discipline.
    "Post Monica Syndrome." 18 performers. Multi-discipline.
    1999 "the Egg." Live avante garde video. 5 performers. DSN.
    1999 Interdisciplinary multi-media production to educate audience on life of
    Isadora Duncan. Developed using decentralized grant. TBBT.
    1998 “Strawberry Surprise,” Fellowship Performance, Tower Gallery.
    1998 “Burnt Secrets” (video performance). Installation TBBT.
    1997 “Laundry,” UU Church (solo)
    “Conversations with My Soul” (video), Centenary College, DFAD
    1997 “Living in the Avante Garde,” 45 minute structured improvisation DSN
    1996 “Black Chase Lounge and My Pink Velvet Pillow” (solo) PAC
    “Universal Healing Dances” DSN & TBBT
    “Improvisational Spirit Dances” (to live music and choir) Magnum Methodist Church
    “Silent Night, Holy Night,” UU Church
    “The Relationship to the Roller,” RRR
    1995 “Rejection,” solo at TST
    “The Girl with Flat Feet,” UU Church (DFAD)
    “50 Separate Dances Responding to Emotions,” DSN
    “Mother, Maiden and Crone,” UU Church, Southwestern Conference Women’s Week, Artists
    “Velvet 3,” (Debut of My Voice, DFAD) for my 20 year Retrospective in Painting, TBBT
    1994 “Breakfast Dances,” Louisiana Tech Gallery, Ruston, LA
    “Dances to the Psalms,” St. John’s Chapel
    “Housework,” RRR
    “Drowning,” (solo) National Performance Network
    “Pain Line,” Performing Arts Laboratory, San Diego, (DFAD)
    “Debut of ‘Dorothy’s Fourth Neon Dream’” and “The Cosmic Tree,” Princess Park
    1993 “Moon Rituals,” PAC
    “Dorothy’s Fourth Neon Dream,” video production funded by NEA (DFAD)
    “Children’s Concert” recital. 40 dance students
    “Oasis,” Stoner Arts Center
    “Flower Mode,” UU Church
    “Insouciance,” RRR
    1992 “Reality” & “Three Solos,” TST
    “Housework,” RRR (DFAD)
    “Historias” danced with Marion Soto’s Company in Florida)
    1991 “Housework,” “Palette,” “Passion,” “Eve,” “Waiting,” video productions (solos)
    “I Am Living I Have Lived,” PPP (solo)
    “The Fourth Neon Dream,” PAC (DFAD)
    1990 “In Living Color,” “The Dance of the Undecided Pregnant Ballerina,” Princess Park (DFAD)
    “Freedom,” (solo) Princess Park; “Emission—Ode to Isadora Duncan,” RRR (DFAD)
    “Rituals,” RRR
    “Aw Be Bleu,” TST
    “2000 BC,” Black/White Joint Venture
    “Slave to Fashion,” Aids Benefit
    1989 “Dawdling,” definition—theatrical fun with intimacy—video production five video productions above begin viewing on Cox’s Cable in New Orleans
    “Halloween,” Artist Transit Gallery “Colors Vs. Time,” Centenary College (DFAD)
    “Crickets,” “Loosely,” “Waiting,” RRR
    1988 “Dawdling on the Beach,” RRR “Brides,” super eight, film production
    1987 “The White Square,” Princess Park (89), Stoner Arts Center, Bossier Arts Festival
    “Turquoise Boxes,” video production
    “Norman D. France,” film, shot but never edited (ran out of money) “Compulsion,” RRR
    1986 “On Flying Pond,” PAC, video production Original Interpretations,” RRR
    1985 “Farewell to Squares and Lines on Yellow,” PAC, video production (DFAD)
    “Spring Lake Ballet,” RRR, Bossier Arts Council, video production Stoner Arts Center, ‘89 at Sam Houston University in a performance organized by Jim Clouser
    1984 “Pages from Red Square,” PAC, video production “Everything’s Wet,” video production (DFAD)“The Yellow Square,” Louisiana Tech Little Theater, Ruston, Louisiana
    1983 “High School 83,” video production ; “In Response to Birthdays,” RRR
    “The Red Square,” TSM’s first production at PAC (DFAD)
    1982 “A Theatrical Sound and Movement Company” is founded DFAD
    1970-80 performed in 12 Nutcrackers / “Giselle” , “ Les Sylphides”
    1964-69 Bess McBride’s productions as a Jr.
    1960-62 performed yearly at the Municipal Auditorium in Recital

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